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A Rewarding Career

Employment at Butterfly Effects Therapy

We help make small changes that cause large differences in quality of life.

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Who We Are

Mission Statement

To support students and patients in their ongoing needs in order to achieve their best potential. Our employees work to promote improvement in all aspects. Our hope is to educate families, caregivers and teachers how to make small changes that will lead to large differences.
Things That Can Improve

What We Work On

Motor Development

Muscle Tone & Strength

Posture / Postural Control

Pre-Gait and Gait Training

Locomotion Patterns

Neuromuscular Function

Body Alignment

Environmental Adaptations

Wheelchair Positioning

Proper and Safe Equipment Use

Program for children 0-3 that focuses on developmental skills specifically in the area of gross motor.

Related support services address individual student abilities and functioning within the educational environment.

These services include, but are not limited to: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavior Support, Adapted Physical Education, Assistive Technology and Orthopedic Itinerant

My thoughts about working with your agency/YOU: Quick to respond to any questions pays timely and great pay for job. Feel as if I'm thought of personally, not just as an employee. Very respectful. Tries to offer more hours. KIND!

Martha Employee

Our son has come so far since his initial diagnosis and we have no doubt it was due to Leticia’s hard work and perseverance with him. She goes above and beyond!


Butterfly Effects is a top-notch company! I had significant staffing challenges this school year and they were able to quickly meet my district's needs. The owner Leticia Fernandez provides excellent customer service as she is always supportive, and adaptable. Service providers are extremely professional, reliable, and able to meet the unique needs of our students. They are my go-to for staffing needs.

Amy Westlake

Butterfly Effects is a great company to work for! The owner is fair, flexible, responds quickly, and truly cares as much for her employees as she does the clients! This job has been such a joy and truly a dream job!

Jennifer Carter

The therapists for Butterfly Effects pour their hearts, soul and energy into my daughter. I’m so grateful for their creative ideas, hard work ethic and joyful attitudes. They work and flex with my daughter and see her for who she is. They love her as a kid and push her to find what she can do.

Working for Butterfly Effects Therapy has been a pleasure. I’ve experienced and appreciated a great balance of freedom and support, which has enabled me to do my job with the primary focus at the forefront: helping children become more independent, and collaborating with those around them. I strongly recommend Butterfly Effects Therapy as an employer! Karen Bernards, OTR/L School-based Occupational Therapist

Karen Bernards School-based Occupational Therapist

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